Why Marketing is everything

A business is a function of two things, marketing and innovation. Innovation is pivotal in increasing efficiency of operations and producing quality goods or services while marketing determines whether a business is relevant or not. It is statistically proven that marketing directly affects sales. This is why businesses should be built with the customer in mind. In a world that has become a global village with lots of life experiences being shared on social media platforms and social media influence becoming a major marketing advantage, conventional approaches of product promotion are becoming less effective and the term ‘marketing’ has gotten a new definition. We are living in the best times ever to build businesses on the pillars of marketing and innovation. Democratization of data is making it possible for entrepreneurs to advertise and for consumers to purchase online. What is becoming important is the ability to integrate our skills, experiences and knowledge with a digitized system. Post COVID-19 pandemic, the bar will be even higher for those who are yet to start the migration journey to online marketing and tech supported innovation. The sooner, the better. For companies to survive competition, investment in tech and equipment of staff with techno-savvy skills is a key necessity. Why therefore is marketing everything? To answer this question, it is important to define what marketing really is in the modern day. Marketing in the present age is the process of product development, packaging and presentation to consumers through relevant channels. It is highly dependent on technology right from product development to delivery. It is the combination of place, time, form and possession utility. This implies that marketing starts when production begins and continues after sales. Business plans made by iGrand have well-thought marketing plans and plans to integrate relevant tech in your business. The business plans are research-rich, have financial models and risk plans that have proven reliable for management decisions and for use in negotiating for credit with financiers. Our business plans serve you with the advantage of investing in marketing that yields returns and tech that is relevant.