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AEC strives to set benchmarks in corporate excellence in order to enrich the lifestyles of our clients by implementation of state of the art innovation and  technology, offering highest level of quality engineering services at fair and market competitive prices, maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships. 

Check out what characterizes our work:

Meticulous Planning​

The success of our projects is anchored on the detailed planning that goes into our work before execution. Good and detailed planning puts us at a better position to execute the projects successfully.

Completion On Time​

Since time is a key determinant of the success of projects, our dedicated team is focused on going an extra mile making sure each project is delivered within the required time.

Perfect Execution​

Good planning must be accompanied with good execution. This explains why for us, execution of projects as per the plan is a very key factor.

Affordable Prices​

We set our rates at manageable levels but keep the standards of delivery as high as possible to ensure that our clients not only get good services but that getting these services doesn't have to be that strenuous for them.


AEC provides robust solutions for transport infrastructure projects worldwide. AEC provides services in roads and highways (in both construction supervision and planning and design review), bridges and structures, traffic and transport planning, rail infrastructure, ports, airports and Pavement Management Systems.

Surveying and Mapping

AEC offers a wide range of survey services such as engineering surveys, hydrological and groundwater surveys, soil and water quality surveys, geophysical exploration and interpretation, engineering surveys and mapping which includes computerized mapping.

Bridges and Structures

AEC has an extensive experience in the investigation, concept planning, design, documentation, verification and proof engineering of all types of steel, composite, reinforced concrete pre-stressed concrete bridges and cable stayed bridges plus all associated retaining walls and other structures for transport projects.

Natural Resources and Environment

AEC provides environmentally sustainable solutions for infrastructure projects that balance the competing demands of the community, the environment and economic viability. AEC delivers services in the areas of environment, waste management; land management, coastal, sustainability and contamination. In addition, AEC is able to implement Environmental and Social Management Plans over the entire project duration and meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards.

Social Development

AEC undertakes social development projects internationally, delivering aid-funded projects on behalf of Government clients. AEC’s services deliver immediate benefits to local communities in the areas of community development, health, education and training, gender development, human resources, government and institutional strengthening, public sector reform and finance and Economic development.

Water Supply

AEC professionals provide services in the water supply sector ranging from master planning, reconnaissance and feasibility studies, design, design review, supervision of works, quality control for water supply and wastewater projects, effective management of dams, water resources, drainage, irrigation, river structures and hydrogeology projects worldwide.

Water Resources

AEC undertakes projects including integrated water resources management, groundwater management, catchment management, environmental flow studies, water resources modelling, wetland management and climate change adaptation.AEC’s services include: studies such as basin planning, flood studies and flood plain management; hydrological and hydraulic modelling; hydropower planning; investigations including hydrological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and water quality surveys; design for dams, pipelines, pumps, irrigation, drainage and fishways; construction and maintenance; and institutional strengthening.

Energy and Renewables

AEC provides services in transmission and distribution, Renewables, hydropower, industrial and generation.

Buildings, Urban Development and Local Government

AEC have expertise in the provision of integrated services for major buildings and urban development projects, ranging from high-density towers for private sector clients to low-density residential projects for government bodies. AEC has a long-standing reputation for design quality and functional efficiency. AEC provides services in: architecture and structural engineering, urban development, landscape architecture, survey and planning

Geotechnical, Mining and Tunneling Services

AEC undertakes projects in tunnelling and geotechnical engineering services for large infrastructure projects worldwide. AEC also provides mining and underground consultancy services for underground works and tunnels for water supply, irrigation, transport, underground storage and power generation projects.

Dams and Hydraulic Structures

AEC’s multi-disciplinary expertise encompasses all aspects of dam investigation, design, construction and safety management. This includes foundation and seismic assessments; geotechnical, hydrologic, hydraulic and structural design; and the design and construction management of spillways and hydraulic structures. AEC professionals also have extensive expertise in the fields of dam safety and dam rehabilitation. They have a variety of associated skills and capability in areas such as: geotechnics, hydrology, hydro-mechanical services, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and electrical and mechanical engineering. AEC provide comprehensive design and construction solutions for all major dam types

Project Planning and Management

AEC provides a wide spectrum of services covering the entire project cycle, including project conception, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, field investigations, laboratory testing, computer modelling, design, preparation of tender and contract documents, tender evaluation, contract management and construction supervision, quality assurance, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and training, as well as overall project

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