At iGrand Business Plans, we work closely with our clients to assess their growth goals and to determine nature and type of business plans they need to raise capital and achieve growth targets. We have the technical knowledge and expertise to determine the best business plan to adopt at different stages of an entreprenuer’s growth journey. After delivering our business plans, we make follow ups to ensure needful changes are accommodated and deviations from the plan are analysed and addressed. We assist our customers seeking capital through business plans to negotiate with lending institutions and private equity investors. Our financial models cover cost – benefit analysis and investment appraisals to give us the right set of tools to deliver a customized, in-depth, user friendly and fit – for purpose business plans.

What are your entrepreneurship goals?

How will prevailing market conditions affect your growth journey? How are you raising capital to start or grow your business? We will develop a robust business plan that serves both as a finance proposal and as a management manual. Start-ups Family – run businesses Expanding businesses Sole proprietorships Group and partnership owned businesses Subsidiaries of foreign owned businesses