The Monk Who Sold His Ferari- Robin S. Sharma

Only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are actively engaged in their work, according to a Gallup survey, and the other 85% are dissatisfied with their positions. There are many justifications given, including those pertaining to the employer and the nature of the work, but what if the justifications were intrinsic rather than extrinsic?

Robin S. Sharma starts with a tale of a distinguished trial lawyer, Julian Mantle, who is at the height of his career and whose outrageous courtroom antics consistently made it to the front of the newspaper. He had acquired everything he had ever wanted, including a Ferrari, but on the inside, he was filled with emptiness and lacked enthusiasm for what he was doing. He had a sudden heart attack in the courtroom, which was the turning point. He sold all his belongings and embarked on a journey to the Himalayan Mountains to seek out wisdom of the Sivana sages.

Robin compares the mind to a magnificent garden in his analogy and emphasizes the need to guard our minds and ensure that only good thoughts enter. Nurturing and cultivating the mind makes it flourish beyond expectations. Worry is a misuse of the mind because it saps the mind of a lot of its power and eventually damages the soul. Check your thoughts to see if any negative ones are the root of your dissatisfaction. Perhaps it’s not your job that’s the issue.

The second analogy which involves a towering lighthouse, teaches one to know and follow their purpose. Consistency of purpose is the key to success, and the purpose of life is a life of purpose. In this century, many people are looking for their life’s purpose; some have found it, while others are still searching. When you find your life’s work, it brings long-lasting fulfillment. Setting specific personal, professional, and spiritual goals is essential, as is having the courage to carry them out. The art of self-leadership, how to develop and live with discipline, respecting time, selflessly serving others, and finally embracing the present are all covered in detail in this book.

The greatest take away more so from our generation is adopting the death bed mentality. Every morning, ask yourself what you would do if this were your last day. Think of how you would treat your loved ones, friends, and coworkers if it were your last day to carry the best energy to your place of work. Finally, this book offers simple techniques for discovering one’s purpose and living a balanced life.

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