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Brian Tracy writes to a targeted audience. His intentions and tone are aligned towards one direction, and in The Psychology of Selling, that direction leads to the practitioner of what he calls, “the great art of selling”. This book is written for the brave men and women who go where no one has gone before to make sales upon which companies and nations depend and exhibit the heroism of the competitive enterprise system. His vocabulary choice is simple and easy to comprehend yet the content of his writing is deep. The book aims at giving you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use immediately to make more sales, faster and easier. It helps one understand the need for urgency in bringing deals to a close by asking for the order early, taking actions to close the sale and keeping the initiative while remaining polite in persistence and patient in aggressiveness.

Brian Tracy sells the conviction that the best CEOs in the world are masters of the art of selling as witnessed in promotion of great sales men and women to the highest leadership offices of many fortune 500 companies. He goes ahead to explain what selling is and how to sell. Brian Tracy writes that people buy emotions and only wait to justify their decisions logically after they have bought. He therefore emphasizes on the practice of communication skills, dressing for the sale, choosing the right environment for a sales meeting, being a creative thinker and the need to answer the buyer’s question, “what is in it for me?” In selling, the buyer must understand the benefits and solutions of buying. This requires the seller to understand what triggers the buying decision, how to advertise, clarity in speech and knowing the rhythm of a buyers’ pattern of purchase.

I will summarize my review of Brian Tracy’s masterpiece by highlighting buyer personality types as explained in Chapter 9. The first personality type is the Apathetic Buyer. Regardless of the discounts, offers and any incentive to influence them to buy, they still won’t buy. Apathetic buyers do not know what they want. Time should not be spent on these kinds of buyers. The sales person should therefore consider the self-actualizing buyer, the analytical buyer, the relator buyer, the driver buyer or the socializer buyer. Traits for each of these personalities can best be understood by grabbing the book and reading in detail.

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