Preparation For An Election Cycle For Smes

Hosted by KCB Biashara Club in December 2021

A story is told of a donkey that was tied to a tree when a demon came and released it. The donkey entered the field of a farmer and began to eat everything. The farmer’s wife saw the donkey and was afraid that it would destroy the farm, took the rifle and killed it. The donkey’s owner saw the dead donkey, got angry and also took his rifle and fired at the woman, killing her. When the farmer got home and saw that his wife was dead, he killed the donkey’s owner.

The donkey owner’s sons, seeing their dead father, burned the farmer’s field. The farmer in retaliation killed them. When they asked the demon what he had done, he said: “I did nothing, I just released the donkey.” This story relates so much with the season we are in as a nation. One simple act or word can trigger the evil intentions of men’s hearts to harm one another. So, let’s think before reacting. Be careful with our actions because many times, the only thing politics does is “release the donkey”, our role should however be to “tie back the donkey” and the force is disarmed.

Kenya is often referred to as one of the most stable African economies with a comparatively advanced small business policy. Dennis Allego, a famous editor once said “to survive this political storm and counter the ripple effect after that, businesses need to come up with strategies that will assist in cushioning the unforeseen election outcome.” This sentiment is similar to what Dr K. N. Jacob, a corporate trainer, conference speaker and life coach who was the presenter in this webinar addressed.

He shared two things to consider in preparing for an election cycle; electoral cycle conflicts and electoral cycle opportunities. Jacob mentioned we cannot ignore the fact that there can be conflicts or emotional escalation during this period hence it is good to be prepared as to be forewarned is to be forearmed. He encouraged attendees to be alert and updated on current affairs by listening to the news. He also urged people to avoid politics at work as that is usually against business etiquette. In mitigating risks during this time business owners need to have insurance for their business, move or reduce stocks, secure doors, close down, especially in volatile areas or relocate and also reduce travel during the period.

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