Nutritional Jabs For COVID 19; Improving The Efficacy Of Vaccines Through Good Nutrition

Have you gotten the Jab yet? If not, you ought to decide quickly because Covid 19 might stay longer. Vaccination helps one achieve herd immunity lowering the spread of the virus. However, a vaccine only provides the antigenic stimulus, and how the body reacts is influenced by the nutritional status and will vary among individuals. Healthy eating helps build the immune system, and conversely, lack of a healthy diet leads to weakening of both the innate and acquired immunity, making one susceptible to infections, whether they are vaccinated or not. Immune system dysfunction is considered to increase the risk of viral infections, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Some vitamins and trace elements such as zinc, iron, selenium and copper play a critical role in the functioning of the immune system. A review of micronutrients and their impact on the immune system suggests the role of vitamins C and D and zinc in strengthening immune support and reducing the risk of infections. Consuming a nutrient-rich diet is prudent to support the immune system and deal with pathogens. Normally, nutrient intake and incidence of disease impact the nutritional status of an individual, and a lack of it can lead to severe malnutrition. Malnutrition affects the quality of immune response to vaccination. A balanced and healthy diet ensures a robust immune system and a lower incidence of chronic diseases and infections.

Studies indicate a better response to vaccines and antibody stores in the elderly who consumed five or more servings of fruits and vegetables and/or Vitamin E supplements. Polyphenols, micronutrients naturally occurring in plants act as dietary antioxidants. Long-term consumption of polyphenols offer protection against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Another study elicits the role of zinc and selenium in immunomodulatory effects in the management of COVID-19. A rapid review of vitamin D and COVID-19, suggests a possible role in the body’s immune response to respiratory viruses. And consuming diets rich in nutrients to improve immune responses As the world regroups and covid 19 relapses, it is increasingly important to have a nutrition-rich intake of food to reduce acquisition and the long-term complications from COVID-19. Whether or not you got the jab, it is important to eat healthily, and improve your lifestyle in order to ensure vaccine efficacy and that you are well cushioned from infections.

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