More Than A Professor, Bitange Ndemo

Many might know of his works, but little about the person. We know of a certain permanent secretary in late President Mwai Kibaki’s government whose brain and work placed Kenya on the global map as a FinTech giant. While in government, he initiated the development of undersea cables into East Africa and later began the Kenya Open Data initiative. The man is a professor of entrepreneurship and associate professor at the school of business, University of Nairobi. He is Professor Bitange Ndemo.

In the Bible, great kings like David were supported by valiant men who were brave at war and courageous on the battlefield. In Prof. Ndemo, President Kibaki found a man of valour who helped greatly in creating an Empire in Kenya that many nations admire. Prof. Bitange Ndemo, unlike King David’s men of valour, didn’t support the president through spear or javelin. He instead applied his high intellectual gifting, rich professional network and understanding of evolutionary trends in business and ICT to run his portfolio as a permanent secretary.

Professor Ndemo is a corporate titan aside from his accomplishments in academia. He sits on the board of Safaricom PLC and in many other boards as an advisor. Some of the organizations that bank on Prof. Bitange Ndemo’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in business and ICT include UNCDF’s better than Cash Alliance, OECPD panel of experts on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, World Economic Forum Blockchain Council, UNESCO NEXTEXPLO Forum, Global Learning Council, Research ICT Africa and UN Global Pulse. Prof. Ndemo needs no introduction in many other companies, forums, councils and research classes as he is widely quoted, used as a point of reference or sought to advise without exactly being admitted to those boards.

The great professor is a widely published author and speaker on many forums across the world. He is a PhD holder in Industrial Economics from Sheffield University in the United Kingdom and holds a series of degrees in business administration, accounting and finance. Prof Bitange Ndemo is also a columnist on Business Daily and The Nation Newspapers. His footprint in global conferences, digital conferencing platforms, TEDx Talks, Engage Talks and University Lectures have created a huge impact on governments and the private sector. Prof. Ndemo has inspired change and transformation in Urban Planning, Financial Access through FinTech and the captainship of large corporations. The man has widely influenced policy making through his disruptive thinking, research and contributions in to corporate sector dialogues.

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