The Checklist For Choosing Your Next Home

What questions do you ask yourself when buying chocolate or a favorite snack? Are you fascinated by the colour, packaging, taste and how it is displayed in the candy shop? At what point do you evaluate the prices? How do you feel when you try a new brand that is highly priced but delivers little or no satisfaction? Your answers are not different from mine. In my explanation, a rational person is a utility maximizer. This is why we sometimes find ourselves moving from one shop to the next to just get a pair of black leather shoes. When looking for a home to buy or rent, the work of moving from one property to another could be tedious and without sufficient advice, it may not help the buyer to make a decision. This is why you need an advisor you can trust. One that listens to your specifications, offers the best advice and helps you to meet your goals.

When choosing your next home, you need to have clear priorities on what you want in a house. You will first need to know what the market is offering in terms of available standards and prices. Market prices are often determined by forces of demand and supply. This means that prices will go up when there are few houses available and a high number of willing buyers. Secondly, scrutinize the property thoroughly to grasp a full understanding of it. This works best through an inspection that can be done physical or virtual on a video call. Get to know hidden expenses that may arise and how well it suits your taste for a home. The third box in the checklist is an appraisal of market price in comparison to the price given in a valuation report. Look at comparative sales in the area, affluence of the location, legal description, improvements made and land use.  It is also key to investigate the title and transaction documents of the property and check for government regulations affecting the property. Government regulations maybe inform of zoning forest areas, flood zones, road reserves and compliance with construction regulations.

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