Implementing A Triumphant Sales Plan

Hosted by Bemerc Consults on 13th January, 2022

This was a master class webinar to help any sales person increase their sales from what they’ve previously sold. The presenter was Mercy Maina Kimani, the Performance Coach and Team Leader at Bemerc Consults. In the Webinar, Mercy shared essential pillars necessary for the realization of any business vision, the first one being a consideration of where one is coming from and where they intend to go hence sales goal setting. The goals have to be SMART in that they are Specific in terms of the processes and resources, Measurable by objective data, Attainable in that they can be achieved, Relevant to the vision and Time-bound by a deadline.

Once goals are set, a goal road map for each objective ought to be established. In the road map for each goal, one should consider the obstacles that are likely to hinder the achievement of that goal. It is healthy to view the obstacles as hindrances within one’s capacity, not some external locus of control. That perspective of analyzing obstacles will pave the way to the solution step of how to overcome the obstacles so as to realize the goal(s). If coming up with a solution proves difficult, then consultation with a coach, mentor or counselor then comes in handy.

Another thing to consider is feedback parameters for one’s business. Reviews, whether done daily, weekly or monthly help a great deal in providing feedback. They provide a platform to analyze one’s plan(s) versus the reality of what they have been able to execute in that plan hence preparing better for tomorrow’s goals. Maximizing repeat sales is also a winning strategy for any serious salesperson. These are things customers buy in order to replace the same services or products they had bought and consumed previously. Customer loyalty, that is trust plus quality customer relationship spearheads repeat sales. If one’s business model does not allow repeat sales due to its nature, then strategies such as leads and referrals would help to keep the business going. In conclusion, the webinar attendees were also taught the proven ways to position themselves as trusted advisors (focus on mutual benefit) rather than as product pushers (focus on price) . A trusted advisor is characterized by their communication skills, optimistic attitude, self-control, professional competence, confidence, customer-focused service provision and value addition. These attributes need to be seen at all levels of interactions; personally, relationally and professionally.

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