Don’t Buy Deceits And Sabotage Your Weight Loss Plans

Have you been sipping green tea, lemon tea, been on fad diets, skipped some meals, or been practicing intermediate fasting in an attempt to cut down your weight? As mentioned previously, the basic premise to healthy living is eating a balanced diet while remaining physically active, and burning more calories than those consumed. The seemingly “simple” and healthy road to weight loss is actually an arduous and long-term process. Therefore, it becomes enticing to substitute sensible diets and exercise regimens with unhelpful ideologies such as fad, Paleo, Atkins, etcetera, that promise quick results, but have deleterious outcomes.

A popular myth on weight loss is taking hot or warm water mixed with lemon. Some believe that the water temperature will help burn body fats. This is not biologically possible. Water is important for our Hydration, and Healthy Kidneys, but no matter its temperature, it cannot burn body fats. Skipping meals and taking less than the recommended 3 meals a day can actually result to an increase in weight rather than the expected weight loss. The body needs energy for daily use. When denied, it switches to a coping mechanism. Taking the regular 3 meals a day ensures enough supply of energy from the carbohydrates we take while skipping meals makes the body preserve as much as it can from what we take in order to use it through gluconeogenesis as a source of energy. This facilitates weight gain.

Fad diets are clearly extreme and often irrational plans that lack valid evidence and scientific research. Aside from being unhealthy, they are ineffective. High-fat diets promote short term weight-loss, but most of the loss is caused by dehydration. As the kidneys try to destroy the excess waste products of fats and proteins, water is lost. High-fat diets are low in calories, causing the depletion of lean body mass with little fat loss. Drastic reduction in carbohydrates causes the body to believe that it is being starved. Continued practice of these extreme diets risks one to CVDs and may cause irrevocable damage to the liver and kidneys.

Seeking hotkey weight loss aids is ineffective however long you’ll persist. A proper diet should place long-term health before immediate results. Reducing caloric intake enables one to maintain the body weight, whilst physical activity enables one to burn the excess body fat and therefore, weight loss. This is a long-term journey that requires discipline. Don’t buy deceits!

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