Successful Resource Mobilisation For NGOs

Hosted By Strategia Netherlands And Capacity Africa On 19th October, 2021.

There is a great need for funds now more than ever before, resources are shrinking while needs are growing by day. Unfortunately, international donors are now investing in their own economy in the bid to realize the SDGs rather than the developing world, especially as we approach 2030. This, therefore, calls for a paradigm shift from money to the targets. Is it possible to meet the target with the available resources without necessarily looking for money? Coalition building, networking and leveraging on other organization resources are therefore important alternative strategies to achieve organizational goals. 

This webinar was more of a follow-up engagement following a similar forum that had been hosted back in June 2021. In that forum, an overview of how to raise funds and the lessons resource mobilization experts have learned over time were discussed. Some of the ideas were still emphasized in this recent webinar as discussed but greater chunk of time was spent to train on the different elements of proposal writing as this is the means to ensuring successful fundraising for NGOs.  

In the continuous process of identifying and obtaining resources for any organization, it is important to consider the following: timing, skill acquisition such as proposal writing, innovation and creativity, having a variety of funding sources, appreciating the fact that the donor is always right and being up to date with current affairs. The organization seeking funds needs to promise performance and credibility to the donors by optimally utilizing and accounting for all the funds received. This helps to boost trust and maintain a trustworthy relationship. The element of community ownership is very important to some donor agencies- it is easier to receive organizational funding than it is to receive individual funds for personal business; the former promotes accountability and shared responsibility. When it is all said and done, follow up and gratitude goes a long way in cementing the relationship; thank the donors within 72 hours.

 When it comes to the proposal writing, one needs to understand the different concepts used, the key proposal components in their logical sequence, a clear understanding of the environment and the steps in project planning and design.

Finally, the reason some projects never get funded is mainly because of ignorance. This may be due to insufficient donor knowledge, failing to introduce one’s organization before applying for funds or failing to follow the donor’s instructions and directions.

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