Personal And Business Branding

Hosted by CPF Consulting on 30th November, 2021.

The guest speaker in this webinar was Mary Kimonye the Principal Secretary State Department of Public Service and also the CEO of Brand Kenya.

Branding is the purposeful and deliberate process of distilling, defining, creating and packaging one’s self-identity and image which are the two key pillars of branding. Branding allows one to tell their story as they’d want it to be told as well as establish oneself as an expert and leader while connecting with others in the industry. It is critical to mention that branding equals identity plus image. Identity is internal, it is about one’s personal definition; their true self, and appreciation of who one is. Image on the other hand is external; what others see, think, and perceive you to be, based on your projection to the world. It comes about with the choices, words actions and courses of one in life.  It answers questions such as: Who is feeling your story? When your name is mentioned what associations come to you?

Once the identity and image is established, it is necessary to clothe one’s brand with a brand identity. The packaging of a brand is what is left speaking after close of business. It is the silent salesperson. A brand identity can be in form of a logo, colour, anthem, tag line among others.  Another important concept when it comes to branding is the brand essence also known as a sweet spot. What best thing are you known for? Once a brand has established its sweet spot, it begins to attract attention, people, resources and networks hence soft power.

The building blocks of a brand include the ability to know one’s place in the world that is unique; the ability to know when to and not to speak who to speak to and who not to; the discernment to take on assignments one has skills to handle; having competencies that are well packaged and consistent; the ability to say no and mean it and being true to self.  The steps towards a successful brand are: clarify your identity; define the market you want to operate in and the target audience; understand the competition; communicate your goals and do so consistently.  In conclusion, a good brand lives in the hearts and minds of the people; have a brand proposition that speaks for the mother brand any other time you have more than one product.

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