Mineral Water Bottling At The Turkwel Gorge, Lodwar

Lodwar is the administrative capital of Turkana County in North-Western Kenya which is characterized by moderate to high temperatures throughout the year. When driving on the roads of this vast county, you’ll meet epic scenes of hills, semi-desert vegetation, cluster settlements, and goats enduring the heat and sun that falls in this semi-arid region. The lands of this sunny countryside are split by great rivers and borders the shores of the world’s largest desert lake. When touching down at Lodwar Airport, you’ll see the magic Turkwel River flowing across the town. This is a scene to behold for a lover of nature. By the time you land in the town and begin your stay there, you’ll be feeling the heat and your body will be in need of constant hydration. This experience inspired the establishment of Kanan Mineral Water Limited that harvest, purifies, and bottles water for human consumption.

The factory sits on a big aquifer known as the Turkwel Gorge. Waters from its ever running wells are mineral-rich and highly recommended for human consumption. Purification of water is done in the Lodwar plant right from harvesting through the processes of sedimentation, filtration, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet treatment, ozonation, bottling and branding. Packing of water bottles for distribution is also done at the factory and each bottle is sealed to protect consumers from counterfeit products. Kanan Mineral Water is distributed widely across Turkana County. Its waters have a pleasant refreshing taste that keeps one alive throughout their stay in Lodwar.

Choosing to consume Kanan Mineral Water is not only a choice for quality water but also an endorsement of Made in Turkana products. The community at Kanan area where the factory’s acreage lies benefits from free mineral water by the factory through a tap installed at the gate. This has transformed lives of the factory’s immediate neighbours and has made Kanan Mineral Water a strong brand among both locals of Turkana County and visitors. Entrepreneurs behind this business are committed to ensure the water is natural, safe, quality and affordable by all measures and standards in the land. For me, it is the imagination that an aquifer exists in the semi-arid Turkana County and the reality of actually drinking purified water from it. I have many reasons why I love visiting Turkana and drinking Kanan Mineral Water is one of them.

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