Elegant Fashions By Jemmy’s & Young Selection

As a little boy growing up, I remember looking forward to holidays away from school. There was so much to be eager about when the festive season of Christmas began. I knew it was the time to meet my cousins on safaris that had been planned for a long time. Other days my grandfather would slaughter one of his turkeys and invite his large family to feast. We also recited Christmas carols and made presentations in church during a Sunday school service. Such are the memories of December holidays from my days in primary school. It’s a time for refreshment to both young and old. Savings of the year would be spent by adding new pieces of clothe to the wardrobe and attending events of the season. In one of my favorite travel destinations, Turkana County, Tubong’ulore cultural celebrations are opening the chapter of a December holiday in North Western Kenya. A lot more will be happening and each of these celebrations call for different tastes of fashion.

In Lodwar town, one of the best boutiques I have ever visited is run by an entrepreneur who stands out through her ability to bring to the market products that are current and relevant to buyers. Jemmy has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade and her Lodwar shop is well stocked with pieces of clothes for all age groups. Her shop, Jemmy’s and Young Selection, is a gallery of everything fashionable. She also sells cosmetics, bags and shoes. Her customers get an opportunity to walk through aisles in her shop choosing for themselves from a variety of products that are on display. Decency and dignity can be earned from how we groom. This is why you need to always dress for your next occasion. If you are going to work, dress for the job. When your children are reporting to school ensure they have school shoes that befit them. At Jemmy’s and Young Selection you have an opportunity to do your window shopping before making your purchase. Visit Jemmy’s shop along KCB road from Lodwar prisons roundabout in Lodwar town for endless varieties of elegant fashions. Jemmy’s and Young Selection is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and on WhatsApp via 0727309111.

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