The 5 Am Club By Robin Sharma

A frustrated artist and a haunted entrepreneur find themselves at a motivational talk by The Spellbinder that leaves them alive and hungering for more. Each finds hope when he says that the place of one’s greatest discomfort is also where one’s largest opportunity lives. When a seemingly homeless yet vibrant and knowledgeable man invites them for a get-away to re-discover themselves, they hesitate only for a minute. Armed with the curiosity and willingness to join the 5 AM Club as he called it, the journey to Mauritius where their previously ‘homeless’ billionaire mentor awaited.

Every 5 AM for the next few days they would learn the kind of mindset and lifestyle that makes the top 5%. One of them is The Four Focuses of History-Makers: Capitalization IQ. Be committed to improving the talents that you have, freedom from Distractions. Prioritize your life and thin out the areas that are less important. A few successes are better than many mediocre achievements. personal Mastery Practice. Create a positive, creative and healthy mindset, heart set, health set, and soul set, day Stacking. Having the bigger picture in mind, focus on having a day oriented towards it and making progress every day.

An important protocol that the billionaire shares with our explorers is The Habit Installation Protocol. This is the process it takes for one to incorporate a new habit into their normal routine. The first 22 days are termed as the destruction phase, obviously so, since old habits are being destroyed. The second 22 are the installation stage, the hardest stage, often characterized by frustration. The last 22 days are the integration phase, where the habit becomes automatic. In summary, every change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and glorious at the end.

Just in case you are wondering what you actually do at 5 AM, fear not, that is not left out. It would be quite a shame for you to be convinced to wake up so early and waste the entire time! The idea brought forth here is defined as The 20/20/20 Formula. Each 20 minutes is used on Exercise, Meditation, and Learning respectively. After this, the next 90 minutes are advisably used on the most important activity of the day.

Rest, determination and many more aspects are tackled in this world-class book that I believe can catapult anyone from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember, Triumph Loves the Relentless!

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