Impact of 5G Network in Kenya’s Economy

We are living at a time when speed matters a lot in our daily business activities. When it comes to the internet, they say slow WIFI is worse than no WIFI. COVID has taught us that companies can still work remotely and deliver 100% service to their clients. This is only possible with good connectivity of the internet. The 5G future is here. Years in the making, the long-buzzed-about fifth generation of wireless connectivity has become a reality, ushering in an era of radical new possibilities in many industries.

Innovative use cases such as autonomous drones and smart city ecosystems promise increased efficiency and productivity for governments and businesses in a post-pandemic world, and pervasive benefits across the globe. Faster internet also opens up fresh opportunities for businesses by enabling them to leverage online marketplaces and tap into new customers and operating morals to grow their revenues.

Why 5G? The promise of 5G has been echoed throughout the business world for years.5G’s faster speed, lower latency, and ability to connect vastly higher numbers of devices than previous generations of mobile technology offered executives a glimpse of a more efficient and productive future. By providing the basis for ubiquitous ultra-fast broadband, 5G opens up possibilities far beyond the reach of 4G or Wi-Fi 6. This promise has only grown more critical today, as managers consider how best to repair, rethink and reconfigure their business for the post–COVID-19 world.

Kenya’s leading mobile network provider Safaricom in March 2021 launched 5G network powered partly by Huawei, a move seen as a show of confidence in the Chinese multinational technology company. With the launch, Safaricom became the first in Kenya and East Africa to offer the new service. It also makes Kenya just the second country in Sub-Saharan Africa to roll out 5G after South Africa. 5G will also enable the deployment of advanced digital technologies such as virtual reality, crowd gaming, autonomous drones, industrial automation, and a wide range of IoT devices. 5G technology will usher increased internet speeds and capabilities for millions across the country, laying a strong foundation for a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

As leaders contemplate the decade ahead, 5G demands strategic attention—both to where and how it can create competitive advantages and to the implementation and integration imperatives that must be met for it to generate value.

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