Leadership Is Essential For Business.

Hosted By Co-Operative Bank Of Kenya On 15th July 2021

The webinar focused on addressing the place of effective business leadership, it aimed at equipping entrepreneurs with essential leadership skills necessary for any successful Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Statistics as of July 2021 show that there are 7.41 million MSMEs that have employed 14 million workers in Kenya. This means that 80% of businesses in Kenya are MSMEs granting the need for essential leadership skills for business.

According to Max De Pree, a leader’s first responsibility is to define reality and their last is to say thank you; in between the leader is a servant. This, therefore, means that leadership is a proactive journey that requires action which involves directing workers with the strategy that meet the business needs. Proper leadership provides room for uniqueness since every individual is varied in how they see opportunities and gaps in the market. This calls for a business leader to be first self-aware since how they show up determines their influence. Leadership is therefore very key as it is the major factor that makes everything work together seamlessly.

The presenter shared 5 levels of leadership according to John Maxwell. The levels have to do with position, permission, production, people development and the pinnacle of respect. Any business begins with a rightful vision bearer/leader (position) who then proceeds to create relationships with appropriate people (permission) to share the vision and values they have for the business with them. Once the vision is understood, the people can follow the leader to begin working based on what they see the leader do (production) to produce the leader’s desired results. From there, the leader can now train (people development) for reproduction to delegate and be able to concentrate on other things. Finally, the vision bearer leaves behind a legacy (the pinnacle of respect) because of their achievement.

Finally, the presenter shared 9 key traits of an effective business leader: Effective business leaders plan, Ability to steer the team towards the Vision, Effective Communication skills necessary for articulating ideas and goals, Ability to offer support to employees by getting involved in their lives through interacting with them, Decisiveness, Ability to delegate roles since employees have seen and learned how to carry the vision, Adaptability and learning agility, Ability to build a support network of advisors/ mentors and Self-care to promote healthy wellbeing.

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