Authored By Sun Tzu

The universality of this book makes it a must-read. It explains the essential point and tactics in a war that can be utilized to face our day-to-day challenges. Although it was written 2500 years ago it remains to be the most influential book in military strategy and its application is way beyond the military field. It teaches both strategic and leadership qualities to look out for no matter what you do.

The business environment being a modern war fair, some of the insights in this book can be applied by a business leader. Art of war teaches us to lay down plans and rely not on the likelihood of the enemies not coming but on our readiness. This entails knowing yourself and your enemies; who are you dealing with, their strength and weakness.  The more knowledge you have about something or someone the better you get.

Money and lives are finite so they are not to be used recklessly don’t burn resources or kill soldiers that may give you information, use whatever resource you have wisely. Attack him when he is unprepared and appears where you are not expected. Avoid what is strong and attack what is weak. Always wait for the opportune moment when you can fight. You can win wars without having to battle.

To win in business, it’s all about strategy and planning. A good general seeks victory and not a battle, attack their enemies’ point of weakness, the plan remains secret, your army obeys, you communicate effectively, find a weakness of your men and strengthen them and know where to follow and when to fight. If your victory is a clear fight, don’t seek fame and fear blame, if your defeat is certain do not fight.

Knowing yourself and understanding war can make you conquer any business niche and win. I conclude my review by quoting Sun Tzu, the author of Art of War when he said, “To win hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

Effie Odhiambo

The writer is a finance professional with passion in reading books that make difference in an entreprenuers career. |

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