We all love to feel good about the sweet scent, the warmth of family, and the marvel of architecture that makes our homes. Whenever we arrive, we are greeted by a first impression that is often a blend of buildings and vegetation. The impression goes a long way in determining the quality of life we lead in our homes. In this feature, we have observed that best impressions are inspired by clean walkways, pavements, roofs, walls, and lawns. Without shouting, a clean home promotes relaxation of the mind and adds happiness to life. In Nairobi, a cleaning firm led by Mr. Brian Ogutu has realized the role that cleanliness plays in making a home. The Nairobi-based firm, Clean Roof Masters, offers cleaning services for exterior surfaces of buildings using a simple pressure-pump technology fused with a skilled workforce. This has helped Brian and his team to avail quality roof, wall, and pavement cleaning services to their growing list of customers at affordable rates.

If the clay tiles or iron sheets covering your house have become less attractive over time or if the gutters that help you harvest rainwater are clogged, Clean Roof Masters has invented a solution for you. You need not replace the roof. A thorough cleaning is sufficient to restore the brightness that sparkled on your roof as when it was new. Clean Roof Masters also deals in the cleaning of water tanks, chimneys, pavements, walkways, walls, and drainage systems. The firm has employed the use of social media to connect with its customers. Its YouTube and Facebook platforms showcase its previously undertaken cleaning exercises through short illustrative videos.

What can be more attractive in a home than a clean roof over your head? Don’t we all want chimneys with no cobwebs, neat walkways and driveways, functioning drainage systems, and gutters with no blockages? Perhaps it costs a big chunk of money to build or buy that house, but to maintain its exterior beauty only needs a phone call to Clean Roof Masters. Email via or call +254 7 12 637 697 / +254 778 704 379. The business of clean roof masters is making yours shine and that doesn’t have to cost you more than a bar of chocolate for every square foot that you need to be cleaned.

Rick Okinda                                        

The writer is a Certified Accountant working with small business owners to deliver business plans that serve their management and financial needs. |

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