In August 2021, Diageo PLC, a British multinational alcoholic beverage company with operations across the globe, appointed Alvin Mbugua to the position of General Manager in the Caribbean and Central American region. Mr. Mbugua, a Kenyan with experience of over seventeen years in the oil and gas, logistics, and FMCG sectors is rising to the apex of his career with this appointment. Alvin Mbugua has been the Managing Director of Uganda Breweries Limited which is a subsidiary of East African Breweries Limited, EABL. Other key positions held by this corporate titan at Uganda Breweries Limited include Head of Sales and the post of Finance and Strategy Director. He also served as the Group Financial Controller for EABL, Chief Finance Officer for East and Horn of Africa at Damco, and a Chief Finance Officer at Shell Tanzania where he started as a Systems Financial Consultant.

The successful career of Mr. Alvin Mbugua is built on a backdrop of key academic qualifications. He went to some of Africa’s best business schools and ventured into disciplines that sharpened his acumen for enterprise development and leadership. Alvin Mbugua graduated from the University of Nairobi with a bachelor’s degree in Geospatial Engineering and later pursued ACCA, Accounting, and Finance at Strathmore Business School in Nairobi. He is also a holder of Masters in Commerce in Development Finance from the University of Cape Town, a qualification that has given him sufficient capacity to work as a top business executive in leading companies.

In the words of Alvin’s former colleague at Damco, Mr. Mehul Bhatt, “Alvin is a leader, and a fantastic one at that. He is focused, extremely positive, and a fantastic change agent. His understanding of the business coupled with his strategic mindset and his ability to inspire his team is extraordinary.” It is rare to come across someone with such a unique combination of intellect, drive and influence that Alvin Mbugua possesses. Alvin Mbugua’s appointment to the position of General Manager in the Caribbean and Central American region at Diego PLC places him on the global league of business executives of our times. He is not only a portrait of intellect in business leadership but also an inspiration to young African professionals who dream to participate in international business.

Rick Okinda                                        

The writer is a Certified Accountant working with small business owners to deliver business plans that serve their management and financial needs. | rickokinda@gmail.com

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