Authored By Malcolm Gladwell.

Written in the year 2000, Malcom Gladwell’s book brings out things that are current, relevant and relatable. He brilliantly explores the tipping point phenomenon which is a magic moment when an idea, trend or social behavior crosses a threshold and spreads like wildfire. He highlights the three rules that causes something to reach a tipping point. The three are the law of few, the stickiness factor and the power of context. In this review, I’ll highlight important points that Gladwell made in each of the three defining factors for an idea to grow to the tipping point.

The law of few states that any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular rare set of social gifts. These social gifts include connectors, mavens and salespersons. Connectors they are people who know everyone and connect people to the world. Mavens are people that we rely upon to connect us with new information and salespersons are people who influence us to buy and change our perception. These personalities for only 20% of the society but tend to influence 80% of the outcome.

The stickiness factoris the quality that compels people to pay close sustained attention to a product, concept or idea. If you want an idea to spread you must make sure it sticks, make it stand out from the crowd. Sometimes changing the small details makes a big difference.

The power of context suggests that behavior is sensitive to and is strongly influenced by its environment. Malcolm Gladwell gives an analogy of the broken window theory which argues that a crime is an inevitable result of disorder. If a window was broken and left unrepaired people will think that no one cares and more windows will be broken. Minor problems are recipe to bigger ones.

Ideas always spread like epidemic, epidemic starts after crossing the tipping point threshold, few people start the epidemic, an idea must stick before it can spread and the smallest change in context will determine whether an epidemic takes off or not and this can currently be relatable to our business.

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