Published on YouTube by KCB Bank Group on September 29, 2020. | Reviewed by Rick Okinda

This KCB Bank Group Biashara Club webinar challenges people to apply human emotional intelligence to their business. It summarized business leadership as an ability of one to sacrifice for his business. It looked at business leadership as emanating from knowing your business. To know your business, you need to master four critical clusters of emotional intelligence, that is; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. These four build up to business development just as they contribute to self-development.

The webinar also posed a challenge to business leaders on controlling oneself. It recommended that entrepreneurs should control themselves just as they control their business. This should be done in all aspects beginning from customers, finances, processes and people. In conclusion, emotional intelligence was identified as a tool that small and medium sized entreprises can use to get more orders from existing customers and new orders form new clients.

Rick Okinda | IGBR Editor


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