Webinar Review: Understanding Digital Health

Presented by: Professor Stan Kachnowski – Columbia Business School

Technology is transforming health sector the world over in a fast pace. Health sector players are finding faster and cheaper ways of transferring information so as to effectively use it to improve the sector.

This has been a creative destruction of health systems. E-health or digital health is all things that surrounds human body and can be turned into zeros and ones. This information would not only help physicians but also the public health systems, science companies, health foundations and international health systems. It improves not only the health sectors but also the economic sectors of how digital tools can increase access to various medicines and diagnostics but also reduce cost as a nation.

There are different studies done on digital health, mostly the hypothesis expected when they put together a device or app is not mostly accurate. Outcomes are much different than what is predicted. Therefore digital health is not predictive. Opportunities that comes with Digital health may be in short-term and long-term. That is in short-term being able to do what you do today but do it for less money, work smarter not harder and have more productivity by using the same labor units. This could impact your quality rating in the long-term.

The e-health significantly depends on the population you are serving because every population uses digital differently, patient data is the core of digital health and privacy of this information is critical. Different regulations have been placed to protect such data and more awareness created on embracing technology in health systems.

By Effie Odhiambo | IGBR Columnist

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