WEBINAR REVIEW- Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses.

Presented by Tiffany Cox

Social media is the way to reach new customers that may not have found your brand any other way. It is an easy way to advertise your new products or information to your followers. Begin by setting up your pages. Don’t leave the “about” or “bio” sections of your profile blank. Use an exciting and compelling short bio. Use hashtags to target social media search engines. Make sure all of your contact information and website URL’s are up to date so your customers can find you. Use consistent artwork on all your pages. In SEO, content is king. Post often and actively but make sure you have unique and valuable content. Share rich content to show you understand what you do. Share interesting information about your industry. Use hashtags to highlight a topic or conversation starter. Don’t be too “salesy”. Post only 1 piece of sales content to every seven pieces of educational content. Some networks only allow certain types of content, therefore you should create a profile on the networks our business will utilize.
Like share and retweet content from other knowledgeable leaders in the industry. Gain more followers by following other people in your industry and customers. Interact with your potential clients by posting questions and then respond to their answers. Use automation tools to automate processes, this will save you time so that you can concentrate on the most important part, engaging your customers.

Review by Rick Okinda

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