The iGrand End of Year Report: It’s Been Real 2020

Greetings to all of you our esteemed readers and customers. When the year began, we set out to go and conquer the world. For us, our sunrise came in March when plans to escalate iGrand from an idea to a brand that develops and distributes business plans and reviews were born. In July, we published our first ever iGrand Business Review magazine. Since then, we have remained consistent in issuing monthly reviews that are precise and relevant to the business leader. We have chosen to target business leaders only. Business leaders to us are people who are involved in key decision making in an enterprise however small or big. Each magazine has a section for book reviews just to keep you posted of the books we think you should be reading for effective business leadership. We also review the best webinars that perhaps you missed. We are convinced that through such webinar reviews, you’ll be able to catch up with likeminded people without having to sit in a boardroom or attend a seminar. In September this year, iGrand Business Plans was officially registered as a professional service provider in business plan development. We have continued to make progress amidst covid-19 because we are determined to get involved in solving entrepreneurial challenges in Kenya and beyond. We first build relationships with our customers before we can talk transactions. We are coming even closer, we have just finished the technical work in setting up iGrand Business Radio, a podcast channel on anchor FM, Spotify, google podcasts and other distribution channels. We have also finished putting together iGrand Business TV, a channel hosted on YouTube that exclusively features business content. All these developments are geared towards giving you access to reviews that change how you do business. We are in the final stage of developing the iGrand Business Plans App for android devises to purposely democratize access to business development services among small and medium sized entrepreneurs. The app will be ready for public use within the first quarter of 2021. It will make it easier not only to formalize your business and run it professionally, but also reduce the headache in finding a financial partner. At iGrand, we choose to be business partners with our clients. Our progress is yours and yours is our greatest achievement. This report says much about our humble history and more about where we see you if you choose to work with us. Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2021.

This report was compiled by team iGrand Business Plans, led by Rick Okinda, the Team Leader.

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