Webinar Review: The Single Income Trap

  • Drawing lessons from the Biblical parable of talents, we are all endowed with abilities in different capacities. It is therefore upon us to put to use what we have to earn profits. Centonomy’s webinar hosted by Douglas and Waceke brings us to light about the wealth creation journey. The two in the September 10th webinar advise that we should look at our resources in a holistic way to be able to diversify our revenue streams.
  • In the real world today, especially in the wake of a pandemic that has resulted into massive job losses, it is time to realize that diversification of income streams is a key principle in wealth creation. But to diversify streams of income, we must also work on our character. It is a resilient character that makes one willing to endure humble beginnings and cultivate patience when making an investment.
  • Currently, companies are looking for a workforce that can multitask. This is to say, if you can do many things you become a collateral in an organization. Stop defining yourself with your qualifications and redefine yourself with what you can do. Majority of people seldom create time for a side hustle yet in most cases a lot of their busy time is spent unproductively.
  • “You have 48 hours a day, you can use other people’s time on top of yours”
  • What do you really want? That’s always an easy question but until you verbalize it and write it then would you be able to see unlimited opportunities. People should change what they see or information they take in, if you complain about the economy, government and engage in unproductive social media content you can never see results. We often follow rules and routines but not results. Time and chance happens to all. If you can’t manage time there is nothing you can manage.
  • The big question to single income earners is this; how much of what you work so hard for is actually yours? Is that income sustainable? We all have to look back at our finances, budget and track our expenses then we can close the loopholes and channel the money to investments.
  • Money will always follow problem solvers; package your skills and you don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to do what you are qualified at, we look too much at the qualifications and forget about the opportunity, don’t fear failing ,learn and start where you are.
  • If you have no idea give your time into something, in the process you will discover yourself and what you can really do. Take initiative and check at your environment, people can plant doubt or faith, have a positive

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