Education Sector Review

Kenya has at least 50 chartered universities spread across over 40 counties. There are also many public and private colleges including the technical and vocational institutes. The higher learning sector alone has shaped economies of many upcoming towns in the country. Kisii town for example, has transformed into a busy town ranking as one of Kenya’s fasted growing towns because of being an academic hub. There are also many economic gains in the establishment of primary and secondary schools.

When the covid-19 pandemic ravaged the economy leading to closure of academic institutions, a significant economic impact was felt as every other sector was affected. Could you imagine that the real estate sector in Kenya depends largely on an active academic sector to thrive? Other sectors that perform based on academic sector performance are domestic tourism, retail’s back-to-school sector and education consultancy service sector.

In Australia, the education sector is a highly ranked sector in terms of GDP contribution to the country’s economy. Kenya’s case, parents basically go to work so that they can be able to pay school fees for their children. Post-covid, the conventional academic sector value chain will completely change as e-learning is becoming a new normal. Blessed is him who plans to solve the problems being created on the digital classroom.

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