WEBINAR REVIEW- Time Management for Work and Life Balance.

Presented by Dr. Ursula Schinzel ( Unicaf University Tutor and doctoral Supervisor)

Where do our time disappear to? How do you feel each morning when you wake up to prepare for work? This webinar provides some practical tips and advices on how to achieve work-life balance through proper time management. Work is as important as someone’s personal life. Often times, we have to juggle with obligations at work places ,family commitments and personal needs for us to have a balanced life. We therefore need to efficiently and effectively account for our time. Majority of people feel stressed each morning while others hope they had more time. Below are some tips and advice that can help in proper time management. • Plan your time by writing a to-do list. • Allocate estimated time for each task. Be flexible and incorporate emergencies and breaks. • Categorize the task as either urgent or not urgent, important or not important and easy of not easy. • Put the urgent and important task first in your time schedule. • Have deadlines and try to meet them, if you don’t achieve them, carry them forward to the next day.
• Don’t expect a miracle to happen, you have to be self-disciplined and avoid time wasters. Many people tend to waste time because they do not understand what and whom are they wasting time on or with. Doing a time audit or a checklist will keep you accountable so that you can reduce time spent on things that are not as important and allocate adequate time to important things. Despite having a busy day, we should also learn to create time for ourselves, sleep well, relax, have some exercises or walk, take breaks, a nap or even vacations. For you to be productive learn to get it started, concentrate in what you do, set goals, get different views from others , communicate if you need help, use your waiting time well, get time off from your device and always strive to improve. Time is a precious, scarce and un-renewable commodity, avoiding unplanned meetings, prioritizing your tasks and being self-discipline will assist you in proper time management. Always remember, the sun waits for no king.

Review by Effie Odhiambo

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