Investing in Business Relationships

During COVID-19, business relationships have been disrupted in many ways. Unlike before, meetings and daily staff briefings are no longer the norm. Social networking events have reduced in size and frequency. Business trips are not as many either. In summary, business relationships can no longer be sustained in conventional ways. It is important to put all efforts in guarding your business relationships as building new ones is not always as easy. Remember meaningful relationships are those that are cultivated around genuine of interest, enthusiasm of both parties and mutual benefit. To protect such relationships during COVID-19 pandemic, deliberate efforts must be made. Best suggestions to keep your business networks alive in such times include: sending thank you messages, sharing interesting articles, introducing useful contacts, asking for advice and networking through social media. Plan your get-in-touch strategy with existing and new relationships in your business. Removing old contacts is also important to keep your customer database fresh. Also ensure new contacts are admitted to the database by day consistently. Getting involved with business councils and other networking groups to mingle with others on the same journey as you is another good approach. Mentor smaller businesses as you get mentored by those ahead of you. Lastly, convert your contacts to business assets. Use them to make new sales, referrals, inkind services that you would otherwise pay for, benchmark and get updates on information releases. Sometimes the only thing that can sustain you in business is great relationships. Therefore invest appropriately in business relationships for from them are your suppliers, customers, next employees and associates.
Columned by Rick Okinda.

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